June 2022 State Farm Auto Insurance Review

State Farm

Several national insurance companies such as Geico, Allstate, Progressive to name a few. However, none of the national insurers is bigger than State Farm, which has the largest US market share, according to the Insurance Information Institute. State Farm service policies in all 50 US states and in Washington DC and select provinces in Canada.

In addition to wide availability and a wide range of insurance products, State Farm offers reasonable prices, sometimes hundreds of dollars less than the national average. If you’re looking to buy your first insurance or switch carriers, State Farm is a good competitor.

This is a review of State Farm in 2022.

State farm

Advantages of using State Farm

State Farm customers are very satisfied with the services provided by the carrier based on high customer satisfaction scores from JD Power Surveys (see details below). Lower-than-average rates can help insurance companies save money. State Farm also offers a solid list of discounts, from telecommunication programs to discounts specifically geared towards younger drivers.

You can also buy home, renter, boat, motorcycle, and mobile home insurance and bundle them up for additional savings.

Disadvantages of using State Farm

State Farm has a definitive list of covered options, but not everything. For example, carriers do not offer gap insurance, which can be useful when renting or financing a car. Gap Coverage helps pay for damage or damage to your entire vehicle by compensating for the difference between your vehicle’s market value and the amount you owe in the event of an accident.

The airline also has policies in place in all 50 states, but no new policies are currently being introduced in Massachusetts or Rhode Island.

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Another downside of signing up for State Farm is that it’s difficult to get an accident pardon from your insurance. To meet State Farm accident acceptance criteria, you must be a customer of State Farm and have been accident-free for 9 years. This is especially stressful if you are a young driver and don’t have much time to drive. For comparison, Geico may offer an incident-tolerant feature after 5 years without incident, or purchase the feature entirely. Advance insurance also comes automatically with “small accident tolerance” covering up to $500.

State Farm Insurance Cost

Whether you have a clean driving history or add teenage drivers to your policy, signing the policy with State Farm can save you money because carriers cost hundreds of dollars less than the national average. . For State Farm, the average annual premium for full coverage premiums is $1,397, which is $374 less than the national average, according to Bankrate.

*Fee from 2021

State Farm Guaranteed Options

State Farm offers almost every major type of coverage you may need for auto insurance. Here are some of them.

State Farm Discounts

State Farm has a strong discount list. Here are a few notable points.

*Not available in California, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Customer satisfaction and complaints

Customers are satisfied with the services of State Farm. According to a JD Power study, overall customer satisfaction levels are high, averaging 846 out of 1,000 across the United States. (The industry average for all regions is 834.) Another JD Power survey found that customers are satisfied with State Farm’s car billing process, with carriers scoring 892 out of 1,000, with an industry average of 880 .

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Customers are particularly happy with State Farm’s digital shopping experience when looking for a quote, and in this category, JD Power’s Digital Experience Survey.

Along with high customer satisfaction, State Farm has fewer complaints nationwide. The airline is rated at 0.71 by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. (1.00 means the industry average, 2.00 means the company receives twice as many complaints.)

telematics program

State Farm’s telematics program Drive Safe and Save monitors how safely you drive. Just enroll in the program to get your initial discount and save up to 30% depending on your driving habits. There are two ways to participate in the program. You can use it by subscribing to State Farm’s smartphone app. Or, if you have a 2020 or newer Ford or Lincoln vehicle, you can connect using the FordPass or Lincoln Way app. to this program.

Other features we like

In addition to great auto insurance options, State Farm has many other insurance products (including boats, homes, motorcycles, and campers). If you want, you can bring all your policies under one roof to simplify the whole process.


Eprofitnews thoroughly compares and reviews insurance companies and products according to established standards. For auto insurance, we look at average annual premium rates for full coverage, consumer complaints, crash repair scores, carrier’s financial health, car claims satisfaction and overall customer satisfaction. Our data comes from a variety of sources.

Auto insurance premiums come from Bankrate, which collects data using Quadrant Information Services. We also use both JD Power’s annual surveys that collect data on customer car bill satisfaction and overall customer satisfaction.

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Consumer complaints come from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). The association collects consumer complaints from several states and indexes them on a scale that takes industry averages into account. AM Best Rating collects each telecommunication company’s financial strength rating. Finally, crash repair scores were collected from the Crash Network Insurer Report Card, which collects data from crash repair experts, including auto mechanics, to measure the insurers’ quality of crash claims services.